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Drops of nanoparticles self-stir and communicate
A single drop with active nanoparticles that collectively organize as well as several drops that communicate to coordinate their flow patterns.

Drops of nanoparticles self-stir and communicate

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems have discovered a new mechanism of self-organization of active matter. When photochemically active nanoparticles are enclosed at high density within a drop and are exposed to UV light, a self-organized flow pattern emerges by spontaneous symmetry breaking. Furthermore, each drop communicates with neighbouring drops by exchanging chemicals, and coordination of their internal flows occurs – even when far apart.

self-organization of active matter nanoparticles Communication and organized behaviour siegfried dietrich peer fischer Dhruv Singh


pf Dhruv Pratap Singh
Dhruv Pratap Singh
PostDoc, then Assistant Professor, Dep. of Physics, IIT Bhilai, India.
pf Peer Fischer
Peer Fischer
Professor, University of Stuttgart<br/ >Max Planck Research Group Leader
pf icm Mihail N. Popescu
Mihail N. Popescu
Senior Research Scientist
icm Siegfried Dietrich
sg Linda Behringer
Linda Behringer
Public Relations Officer